Komodo is one of the famous diving destinations in Indonesia. You can find varied range of dive site in here including, pinnacles, wall, fringing reef, cavern, swim-through, and also slope. The condition of the strong current attracts lots of aquatic life so you will see variety of marine life here such as Manta rays, Sharks, Dolphins, Barracuda, Turtle and if you are lucky enough you can see Mermaid and Whale in here.  Don’t worry for macro lover, Komodo will surprise you with small creatures in some dive site! You just need to open your eyes and find them between the corals.

The best time to dive in here is from March until November but usually you can dive all year around in Komodo.


The only place on earth where we can see the wild Komodo dragon is in Komodo island, Rinca island and Padar island. The ranger will guide us and tell us the story about Komodo on our way to see the dragon. Watch out of your move and keep close with the group, we will guarantee you will get a great time in this place!


One of highlight in Komodo National Park, It took around 30 min to hike this hill. When you reach the top, you will amaze with the view of this place and rewarded with a wonderful picture of the three beaches under from the top. The best time to go is before sunrise so you can see the sun come out when you reach the top.


The special pink beach occurs because of the mix from crush red coral with white sand which give the pink color along the beach. You can enjoy the view, snorkeling, kayaking, and get basket to have a picnic here!


Kalong means Bat in English. Yes! You will see thousands of bats come out in the sunset to search their food. You can chill in our Rooftop with drink and music of course.


You can choose between hiking the hill or snorkeling around the island. These two activities can be done in Kelor.


Small white sand island surrounded by turquoise water made this island one of the place must to go when you come to Komodo National Park. Not only play on the beach, you can also diving/snorkeling around this island to meet the majestic Manta ray.


These islands present the variety of aquatic life in Komodo, You can grab the mask and snorkel then jump into the sea to experience snorkeling above the corals, fishes and even turtle. Make sure don’t touch them and leave nothing there. Beside snorkeling, you can also do kayaking.


The cave filled with clear water and its possible to swim in the cave. Usually after lunch the sun will peep into the cave which is light up the cave and reflecting off the water. Don’t forget to use your swim suit and swim around the cave.